DM-Rustees or Rustee’s Post-Apocalyptic Arms and Munitions, is a fast paced death match set in a desert bunker converted into a supply depot. The layout was designed and tested in about a week, and the visuals followed in approximately one more week.


The layout is based around a sand enclosure with a damage amplifier to draw players. I used a similar design for the flag bases in my map, CTF-Delude. All of the paths flow to the center, some with z-axis advantages, others with more powerful weaponry or health. There are few ways to cross the map without passing through the middle, and the item placement makes the players flow to the center of the level naturally.


All of the spawn points are near weapons, which allows for the players to enter the fray easily. This is especially beneficial in a duel match by giving players even starting grounds when they respawn. There is no extra punishment for death.


The visuals were loosely inspired by Borderlands. Due to the assets available in Unreal Tournament 3, the results are closer to Rage, but this was not intentional.

Credits: HazelH and Vybz for testing.



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