SP-Rectangles is an exploratory design I created over my spring break. Partially it was continued exploration of vertical gameplay elements and AI scripting in confined spaces. But it was also an exploration of what I could aesthetically achieve with a combination of a minimalist style, my own assets, and the lighting possible with UDK.


I made all of my own assets, and almost all of the development time—a week—was spent learning and practicing hard surface texturing and modeling using Photoshop CS2 and 3ds Max 2011 respectively. Only the corrugated metal material (pictured above in the central support pillar) and the sky material are default materials; likewise the light volumetrics and sky-dome are the only default meshes.

The gameplay consists of two simple encounters, making a single element of what would be a larger level. Both events are foreshadowed, making the AI appear intelligent, as well as preparing the player for the fight ahead. Making use of the default unreal AI and weapons provided a challenge, but rather than forcing team deathmatch AI in arena spaces (as was the case with SP-Security), I used a more heavily scripted design of fire-at-player based on distance and cover.




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  1. A week development time – This is great!

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