Download:, (you don’t need UDK installed to play)

Hubris was an experiment in minimalist beauty and color. At the end of university’s fall term I wanted to return to level design, which I’d been neglecting in favor of class. Hubris stretched my skills in design and art, for which the sciences provide few opportunities. With new-found inspiration, I completed the blocking in a few hours, and the visuals over several subsequent days.

MinimalismFinal_02Discovery was central to the design. At each turn the player encounters something new. There is a visual continuity, but beyond each doorway is a surprise intended to awe the player. This builds from the subdued start underground to the conclusion in the plane of obelisks. The lack of interaction was a concern, but the player’s pace and navigation are a sort of interaction. The effect certainly isn’t as clear in the screenshots or video.

MinimalismFinal_01The overwhelming scale of Shadow of the Colossus was one of the level’s many inspirations. Like DM-Psi, there was some inspiration from ancient Egyptian architecture; here it is most apparent in the obelisks (below), and the yellow-brown, mud-like material. Perhaps the main inspiration—both in style and in getting me on my feet—was the work of Robert Yang (particularly This).

MinimalismFinal_03After completing the level proper, I considered adding a narrative aspect, like Dan Pinchbeck’s Dear Esther, to amplify or juxtapose the visual. I also considered adding distant, manic laughter, which I’ve wanted to do in a level since DM-Monas. However, these only detracted from the sense of awe I wanted to instill. And so, the level was finished.

Robert Yang wrote a brief response over Here. “It’s like Ico HD on acid.” and have also written about it. Hubris was also placed in the Top Ten (free) Experimental Games of 2012 by



13 Responses to “Hubris”

  1. Very nice work to look at & also very interesting to read 😀

    THX for sharing 🙂

  2. J. Ortega Says:

    I love the look of the game, unfortunately i work on a mac… i have no real option due to my line of work.

  3. Padraig Sutton Says:

    Seriously love what you have done with this, and I am awaiting a whole game out of this kind of concept, textures or no textures. Also a sidenote, I encountered a small bug where walking into a wall causes strange shadows that cascade across the screen, it only happens if you continue walking at the wall.

  4. reganmusic Says:

    Hey! It’s great! I love it! Simple and clean dude. It’s awesome and had a real nice feel to it when walking around. was that ScreenSpace or baked AO?? looked nice!

    • mclogenog Says:

      Thanks! The ambient occlusion is purely an in-engine render over bsp/csg with UDK. It would look even better if I’d baked it on models, but then I’d have needed to make models for the world geometry.

  5. Carlos Eduardo Says:

    I’d like to try the game, but when i click on the executable file, the screen goes all dark and a little window that says “mode not supported” slide through the screen. What i have to do, please? Thanks.

  6. […] Virtual, um… adventurish… well it’s in the first person Link to Game: Game Info: Developed between terms at University by Andrew Yoder (mclogenog) using the Unreal […]

  7. Hello, the two download links are dead, where I can find this game?

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