DM-UntoldStorage is a simple arena map I designed for Unreal Tournament 3 in three work days. I recommend three players with instagib enabled.


I have attempted to design arenas on several occasions in the past, but have felt unsuccessful until now. It’s a challenge to do something new with such a simple, symmetrical (and typically circular) form when Unreal has explored it so thoroughly with DM-MorbiasII and DM-Fractal. My inadvertent solution was to overlay a figure eight on the central circle. The design emerged organically through several paper sketches, but the figure eight was there from the start.


I have also had difficulty seeing arena designs as competitive rather than casual. The symmetry interferes with a player’s ability to perceive space. Arena symmetry tends to remove strategy in favor of reflex. To address this, I angled the sunlight, dividing the map perpendicular to the axis of symmetry. I also chose to include number decals to help players identify their location more easily. Of course, none of these aesthetic choices prevent casual gameplay, but I hope these details have made competitive gameplay viable as well.


Aesthetically I have been exploring blue and red tones for a while now (see DM-Galsteen and DM-Dethen). In designing DM-UntoldStorage, I was tired of this and thought I would try something wild, something green. All of my wild ideas were dissatisfying once I tried them, though, so I returned to a cyan and orange theme with green detailing. I was also tired of Unreal’s default textures and my own simple creations, so I designed a new (still rather simple) set. I’m pleased with the results, but I still would like to make a green level one of these days.

Credits: All work and textures are my own. The level description is a quote from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.



2 Responses to “DM-UntoldStorage”

  1. Another beautiful map, thanks for sharing Andrew 😀

  2. I have forgot this one, looks another strong build, I d/l it right now !

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