DM-Monas is a low-poly death match level intended for two or three players. The level took approximately two work weeks to complete.


The original layout attempted to expand upon the level design ideas of Rich “Akuma” Eastwood and—to a lesser extent—the design ideas of Alan “Talisman” Willard. Akuma’s levels DM-Viridian and DM-Malevolence were my main source of inspiration, though DM-Zeto and DM-Closer also have similar concepts that I wanted to implement. My goal was to have a design for several players where the central room would be the focal point of combat.


The first iterations used the z axis minimally, which made the lower pathways feel constrained, even though the range of movement was not actually hindered. What later became the bio-rifle and shock-rifle areas were originally little more than wide corridors with only two access points; I rebuilt these areas many times until they reached their current state as inseparable components of the design.


The level’s visuals blend a mystical tone with gothic, castle architecture, drawing inspiration from the earlier games in the Unreal series. The color palette leans primarily upon the seldom used purple and pink tones. As the level shows, the balance of orange-pink artificial lights, a blue directional-light, a subtle purple sky-light, and green “firefly” particles result in some pleasant, and unusual visuals.

Credits: Hazel Whorley for the wall and trim textures, Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong for the water texture, and the HOLP team for testing.



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