Download: CTF-Vogel.zip

CTF-Vogel started as an arena environment based around the two lava pools and the adjoining halls. The lava pits made for a risky hitscan environment, with the benefit of health vials along one walkway. The halls separated the hitscan environments from one another with tight corners intended for ricochet flak and grenades.

I found that the arena environment was fun to play in, but a little confusing due to the symmetry. The player had no way of determining one half of the map from the other. Minor changes to the aesthetics weren’t significant enough to improve navigation, and major changes destroyed the level’s atmosphere.

In discussing the problem with Sjosz, I was persuaded to transform the map from an arena to a capture the flag environment. The team colors of blue and red ended the navigation problem, and the additional spaces added by the flag rooms made the level faster and more fun.

Credits: Hourences for the textures. The HOLP team for testing.



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