Download: GameFront.com, also available as part of HOLP3V1

CTF-Politicos is part of a city under the sea where conflict between political extremes has instigated civil war. The visuals and backstory are inspired by Bioshock. The level is part of the HOLP3 map pack, which is intended to provide the fast gameplay in a minimally cluttered environment.


This level was designed for fast-paced, four player capture the flag or greed. In capture the flag, I recommend disabling translocators because flag defense becomes impossibly hectic. The layout was designed with a combination of hitscan defense points (like the two central bridges) and tight corridor flag runs (like the central pit and the flag bases). Two spawn locations at either base allow the players to enter the action almost immediately.


The layout is not a conventional one; I have always appreciated the experimental nature of UT99 (especially the levels created by Inoxx) before laws of design were solidified. Sometimes the experimental levels succeeded, sometimes they failed. With CTF-Politicos I experimented with the separation and connection of z-axis floors. The central bridges were a success, but the limited second floor access only steepened the learning curve.


Though CTF-Politicos is not my best work, designing it taught me about flow and connectivity. I look at CTF-Politicos the same way I look at DM-Fetid from UT99; it’s fun, it’s experimental, but mostly it’s just weird.



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