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CTF-Bird is a map for Unreal Tournament 3 and a response to one of my earlier levels, CTF-Vogel, as well as (at least originally) a commentary on the death of online communities. Like Vogel, Bird uses a set of textures created by Hourences and a similar color palette. There are even several unintentional design congruities around the bases. But by all measures it has overcome its predecessor.


The level began as a single player project for UDK named The Dig. The idea was for the player to explore an archaeological dig site and uncover layers of history while progressing inward until realizing that the excavated space was once a tournament arena. I meant this to be a commentary on the death of online communities, and the changing role of arena multiplayer games. The pace of player navigation was causing problems however, so I moved it to Unreal Tournament.


The idea is still there. Ideally, the level would be played by twelve humans, but the game is old and the communities are gone. I designed Dm-Monas and Dm-Psi with the small online community in mind. CTF-Bird is different. There is no longer an audience for whom to build. Instead I designed it for me, for the sake of design and reconciliation.


Credits: Hourences for the textures. Sjosz for feedback.


One Response to “CTF-Bird”

  1. Looking really smooth and adds another piece of honor to HOLP 🙂
    Just keep it up is all I have to say.

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